Amix Egg Amino 360 Tablets

Amix Egg Amino 360 Tablets


AMIX EGG Amino 6000 from Amix Supplements is a compound based on amino acids from egg whites. EGG Amino 360 tabs.

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What is Amix Egg Amino 6000 used for?

AMIX EGG Amino 6000 It is a very important supplement for all those athletes who want to increase their muscle mass effectively and without fat.

  • Fat Free Egg White Amino Acids
  • does not contain cholesterol
  • Contains all 8 essential amino acids
  • Increase muscle mass
  • High BCAA content
  • Decrease recovery time

Components of Amix EGG 6000 360 tabs:

AMIX EGG Amino 6000 Tablets Contains amino acids from egg whites that are vital for the proper functioning of the metabolic system. These amino acids play a very important role in all the biological processes of cell construction of living beings.

AMIX EGG Amino 6000 It will be essential if you really want to create muscle mass.

AMIX EGG Amino 6000 It comes from the egg white protein, albumin, which has a high content of peptides. It is also high in BCAA's.

How to use

Take 6 tablets 2 or 3 times a day between meals with plenty of water. It is also recommended to take before bed.

Recommended dose: 6 tabs

Presentation of Egg Amino 6000: 360 tablet container

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