Amix White Belt

Amix White Belt


Resistant and padded leather belt for better lumbar protection during training.

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What is Amix White Belt?

The Amix white belt is a belt made of resistant and padded leather to have greater lumbar protection when performing certain physical exercises.

What properties does Amix Cinturon White have?

  • It's a heavy duty fabricated belt in white
  • It has a buckle double closure for better fixation
  • It has a conical shape to achieve a better adaptation
  • It has a padded back so that the touch with the belt is softer.
  • Available in various sizes for a better fit

What exercises is the Amix belt indicated for?

  • Deadlift
  • squats
  • Perform various crossfit and weightlifting exercises

How to use Amix Cinturon White?

The lumbar belt is mainly focused on performance sports, high intensity or for exercises where you have to take a lot of weight and not so much to protect the lower back. It should not be used in activities with low joint impact, otherwise it could cause the opposite effect, since continued use can lead to the weakening of the area that this belt is precisely protecting. The recommendation is to exercise the entire area conveniently to be able to activate it when necessary.

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