Life Pro Green Tea + Egcg + Caffeine 90 Vegancaps 98% Polyphenols

Life Pro Green Tea + Egcg + Caffeine 90 Vegancaps 98% Polyphenols


The green tea extract composed in turn of catechins, among which is the EGCG, is an active compound with numerous benefits for human health, including some against metabolic diseases and weight loss.

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What is it for?

Green tea has been used in traditional oriental medicine for many centuries and is consumed in different presentations..

However, current scientific research has determined that despite its effectiveness in presentations such as tea or direct consumption, the most appropriate and efficient intake is that in which it is made in the form of an extract and therefore, in an encapsulated form. , since its dose is easily adjustable for our objectives.

Secondly, Caffeine is a powerful stimulator of the nervous system since it blocks adenosine receptors, a compound responsible for generating fatigue and drowsiness. that appears after a long time of intense exercise or after the generation of continuous fatigue. In turn, the stimulating effect of caffeine is powerful, also helping to lose weight and improve physical and cognitive performance thanks to the release of catecholamines such as adrenaline that keeps us connected and helps develop attentional focus and intense activity.

Secondly, the consumption of caffeine together with EGCG in effective doses seems to have a synergistic effect, that is to say, that its joint consumption has better positive effects than its isolated consumption, thus helping the stimulation achieved by these products to be greater, obtaining a more efficient weight and fat loss.

This phenomenon is due to the egcg in addition to having a flattering stimulating effect, is capable of helping to make caffeine more bioavailable by blocking the enzyme in charge of its metabolism, so that we will thus have a caffeine with an amplified effect, which we can take advantage of as it is more powerful.

Lastly, it is important to state that the optimal doses of egcg should be considered based on this and the amount of catechins, normally the egcg should be 50% of the green tea extract, so that 800 mg of green tea extract will contain 400 mg of egcg or what is the same, we will find the extract standardized to 50% of the main active ingredient.

In turn, doses of 400 mg of egcg and 300 mg of caffeine are considered effective and synergistic, therefore, within the requirements established for a good egcg, this product has the appropriate characteristics in terms of dosage and composition.


  • help in weight loss.
  • Help in the Loss of fat.
  • Greater use of caffeine supplementation than in isolation.
  • Improvements in performance and attentional focus.
  • Improved activation state.
  • Delay in the onset of fatigue.


  • Excessively high consumption can cause discomfort, stomach pain, tachycardia and headaches.
  • Avoid its consumption if you suffer from any pathology of liver or kidney origin.


This product contains green tea extract and caffeine.

What dose to consume?

Consuming 800mg Green Tea Extract (400mg Egcg) and 300mg Anhydrous Caffeine (2 capsules) is a safe and effective dose.

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