Life Pro Naustop 120 Caps

Life Pro Naustop 120 Caps


Naustop is a supplement formulated with ginger and vitamin B6, which helps reduce nausea that appears in the first trimester of pregnancy.

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What is Naustop?

It is estimated that more than 70% of pregnant women suffer from some symptom related to nausea or desire to vomit.

Naustop is a natural supplement focused on reducing nausea that appears in the first trimester of pregnancy.

What are the components of Naustop?

The Naustop formulation is based on the compounds that have shown the most evidence when it comes to treating nausea. The ingredients are:


Ginger extract is one of the most widely used natural anti-emetics today. The proposed mechanism by which it could reduce the symptoms of nausea is its antagonistic activity on 5-HT receptors and anti-inflammatory, acting on intestinal motility. In addition, it has been suggested that it may act on the vomiting regulatory center in the brain, reducing the vomiting reflex.

vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 could be of interest in pregnant women with nausea in the first trimester. Although the mechanism by which this benefit occurs is not clear, it has been suggested that B6 deficiency in the first weeks of pregnancy could produce such symptoms. Today, vitamin B6 is used with anti-histamines to treat nausea during pregnancy.

What are the benefits of Naustop?

  • Anti-oxidant effect
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • Reduce symptoms of nausea in pregnancy

How to consume Naustop?

It is recommended to consume 1 capsule of Naustop 30 minutes before each main meal, consuming one before bed.

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