Nutrimarket New Bcaa 1000 150 Caps.

Nutrimarket New Bcaa 1000 150 Caps.


NUTRIMARKET NEW 1000 BCAA 150 caps. Contains pure amino acids (BCAA's) with a 2:1:1 ratio for rapid muscle building, avoiding fatigue and immediate recovery.

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Composition of Nutrimarket New 1000 BCAA

This product is made up of branched chain amino acids or BCAA's in a 2:1:1 ratio (leucine, valine, isoleucine).

What is it for?

Nutrimarket New 1000 BCAA It is the perfect supplement for all those athletes who want to take advantage of the properties of a substance as widely used as BCAA's. It's about three amino acids of the essential type, so called because of the impossibility of being synthesized by the body, so they must be provided from outside.

Its main function is the protein formation that, later, will go to the muscular zones to create new tissues. That is, the benefits of Nutrimarket New 1000 BCAA will be related to muscle mass development, mainly divided into three lines of action.

On the one hand, the increase in the levels of BCAA's in the body is ideal when it comes to stop catabolic processes, which can degrade muscle tissues.

The second most important property of Nutrimarket New 1000 BCAA it has to do with him anabolism, a state of the organism in which the creation of new muscle mass is facilitated, thus increasing the volume.

Lastly, the BCAA's are one of the most effective compounds in terms of muscle recovery, since they have the ability to repair and regenerate muscle fibers that may have been affected by intense physical exercise.

In addition, it is enriched with a 100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin B6.

Benefits of Nutrimarket New 1000 BCAAs

  • Provides BCAA's in the ratio 2:1:1.
  • Improves muscle recovery.
  • Avoid catabolism.
  • Facilitates muscle growth through anabolism.
  • Improves muscle performance in general.
  • Contains 100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin B6.

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