Pack 2x Encore Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell 20kg

Pack 2x Encore Fitness Adjustable Dumbbell 20kg


Encore Fitness puts at your disposal a new dumbbell set that will allow you to have the weights you want, to perform strength training, anywhere, without taking up space,

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The set consists of 16 piecesindividual that you can adjust to increase or decrease the burden. Select the desired weight comfortably and quickly, adjusting it to your personal physical condition.

This set offers a wide variety of options when selecting the appropriate weight for the exercise to be performed.

It will not be necessary to have a dumbbell with each corresponding weight.

In the space of one, you can have all the weight variations you want from 2.3kg to 20kg.

The handle contains a relief on the part of grip for prevent slipping or possible falls due to sweat.

The available weights are:

2.3kg – 3.8kg – 4.2kg – 5.8kg – 5.3kg – 6.8kg – 7.3kg – 8.4kg – 8.8kg – 10.3kg 12 .5kg – 14.5kg – 15.5kg – 17.5kg – 18.5kg or 20kg

Dimensions: 35cm x 20cm (length x height)


  • This set is ideal for training strength any muscle group of your choice, since you can adjust the intensity and load as you wish.
  • It is comfortable and practical thanks to its design, with which you will save space.
  • It is suitable for both professionals and beginners due to the progressions it allows for.
  • you can use it in House, in the Gym or anywhere to train.
  • It is easy to assemble and clean.

How to use.

After selecting the appropriate weight for the exercise to be performed, adjust the dumbbell Encore in the indicated position to place the corresponding load.

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