Slendier Konjac (Shirataki) Organic Noodles 400g

Slendier Konjac (Shirataki) Organic Noodles 400g


Organic Konjac Noodles is the new way of eating pasta, without calories, made from konjac fiber.

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What is Konjac Organic Noodles?

Organic Konjac Noodles has been made with konjac fiber, that is, with the root of a tuber from Asia that is characterized by the fact that it does not provide calories. It favors the creation of a caloric deficit and helps to achieve weight loss. Its carbohydrate content is very low

Unlike traditional pasta, they are very low in calories, since each serving has less than 12 calories. It is the ideal substitute for conventional pasta, for people who want to reduce their total caloric intake, but still enjoy their favorite flavors.

The line konjac, without fat, sugar or gluten, it is also ideal for those who are on a diet or who suffer from celiac disease. They are gluten, fat, sugar and dairy free. They are suitable for vegans.

You can enjoy Konjac Oganic Noodles in 6 different variants:

  • fettuccine: flat ribbons ideal to combine with sauces based on mushrooms and spinach, shrimp and paprika, or even a light and calorie-free Alfredo sauce.
  • lasagne: very low-calorie lasagna plates with which you can combine with meat or vegetable-based sauces.
  • RiceCalorie-free rice ideal for biryani, curries, fried rice, and sushi by replacing carb-heavy options.
  • Angel Hair: Very thin noodles ideal to combine with spring sauce, pesto and Neapolitan sauce.
  • noodles: low-calorie noodles, ideal for preparing dishes inspired by Asian cuisine.
  • spaghetti: your favorite spaghetti, ideal to combine with bolognese sauce, carbonara or amatriciana.

What are the benefits and properties of Konjac Oganic Noodles?

Low Calorie Content:

They are very low in calories: They contribute to achieving a caloric deficit necessary for fat loss. They are the ideal ally to lose weight and not go hungry.

They do not provide practically calories:

Each serving has 12 calories. Compared to pasta made with wheat flour, they do not contain calories as they have a low carbohydrate content. They have less than 1 gram of carbohydrates.

The fiber:

It has a high fiber content that favors the good state of intestinal transit, and makes you feel satisfied and a greater state of satiety.

Ideal for all people:

It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It has the Vegan Label certification of the European Union. It is suitable for celiacs. Gluten free. It has the Halal certificate.

How to prepare Konjac Organic Noodles?

You can prepare all your delicious pasta recipes, replacing it with Organic Konjac Noodles. They are easy and quick to make. In just 5 minutes, you can enjoy a delicious, healthy and low-calorie pasta dish. Combine with your favorite sauces and foods.

Prepare Slendier spaghetti in three simple steps:

  • Open the package and drain the liquid.
  • Rinse well with water.
  • Add to pasta sauce, stir fry, soup or salad, and enjoy.

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