100% Clear Isolate Zero Sample 25g

100% Clear Isolate Zero Sample 25g


Life Pro Clear Shake is a much lighter and refreshing whey protein supplement of high quality and purity that contributes to achieving the protein requirements of each day.

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What is Clear Shake Life Pro?

In order to offer a light and refreshing supplement to drink, Life Pro has designed the new way of taking protein: Clear Shake has been designed in 9 innovative and refreshing flavors, so you can choose your favorites, and enjoy the new way of taking protein. take protein.

Clear Shake is characterized by being a supplement with a much lighter texture, similar to that of a juice or non-carbonated soft drink. Protein is essential in the diet of all people who include physical activity in their daily lives and who want to take care of their diet. Clear Shake provides an incredible source of this macronutrient, and reaches the daily requirements in the most optimal and complete way.

The new Life Pro protein has a concentration of 80%. It has been used protein isolate from Lacprodan Clearshake whey, a patented formula, of high quality and purity, sugars and fats.

Life Pro Clear shake It has been designed in 9 different flavors: Lemonade, Pink Lemonade, Cherrypop, watermelon, passion fruit, caribbean pineapple.

It is the ideal supplement thanks to the purity of the protein it presents, it is recommended for the most demanding people who are looking for a supplement that meets their protein needs, is fast-absorbing and digestible, and meets quality standards.

What are the properties of Clear Shake Life Pro?

Lacprodan Clearshake Whey Protein Isolate:

As a source of protein, the new formula patented by Lacprodan Clear shake has been used. Unlike other proteins, the texture we get is much lighter. Coming from whey, a source of animal origin.It has all 9 essential amino acids.

Whey protein isolate is characterized by its rapid absorption in the body and its good digestibility. Life Pro Clear Shake is a protein supplement that is high biological value.

Protein is the most important macronutrient for athletes, among its main functions, it is necessary to build muscle mass, to achieve optimal recovery after training.


Sucralose is a zero-calorie sweetener that has become very popular in the fitness field in recent years. It is characterized because it does not alter glucose or insulin, being a suitable alternative for people with diabetes.

It is one of the safest sweeteners for human consumption. The 9 flavors in which Clear Shake has been designed without caffeine have been achieved thanks to this sweetener. It does not cause stomach upset or abdominal swelling.

Who is Clear Shake Life Pro recommended for?

It is indicated for all those who are looking for a protein powder supplement of the highest quality and purity that helps to meet daily protein requirements.

Life Pro Clear Shake is a protein supplement that stands out for its innovative texture and how refreshing it is. It is an ideal alternative to conventional protein shakes, providing similar benefits, but with an improved texture.

It is ideal for athletes or physically active people, who have physical exhaustion or who do not reach the necessary amounts of this macronutrient.

What are the benefits of Clear Shake Life Pro?

Quality of its ingredients:

  • Protein concentration: it has a high protein concentration of 80%. It is a protein of great purity that has been obtained from a patented formula.
  • The main benefit of protein isolate is the degree of purity they offer compared to other types of protein.
  • It is a clean source of this macronutrient so required by athletes, people who are looking for a high-quality source of protein and who want to take care of their health.


Its refreshing and light makes it easier to drink, since it generates less weight than a conventional protein shake.

Source of high biological value:

It is a protein of high biological value. It contains the 9 essential amino acids that our body cannot produce on its own.

Improved performance and recovery:

Protein is responsible for improve muscle performance. Contributes to optimizing the muscle recovery process after finishing the physical activity in which the fibers have been damaged, and prevents muscle catabolism

Muscle mass gain:

It favors the maintenance and construction of muscle mass, since proteins have structural functions. It favors the creation of an anabolic environment.

Variety of flavors:

Low intake of other macronutrients: It is low in fat and carbohydrates. Each dose provides less than a gram of both macronutrients. Does not contain added sugars.

How to take Clear Shake Life Pro?

Dissolve 25 g (1 scoop at the 70 ml mark) in cold water (300 ml – 350 ml). Shake vigorously and wait 15 seconds for the foam to go down. If any lumps remain, shake again.

It can be taken before training, to nourish the muscles, after, to promote recovery or throughout the day to meet the requirements.

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