226ers Energy Drink 1kg

226ers Energy Drink 1kg


226ERS ENERGY DRINK 1KG indicated for intense training or recharging energy before a competition. 226ERS ENERGY DRINKIt will charge your batteries instantly. They provide essential vitamins and minerals for a more complete training.

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It is a preparation designed to obtain an energy drink that recharges your glycogen reserves and replenishes the minerals that are lost through sweating and vitamins.
With amylopectin as a base, which is a carbohydrate that dissolves easily, without sugars, easy to take and a very mild flavor, it also provides carnitine, vitamins and taurine, completing it with a small dose of minerals to be able to combine it with other products that provide you with these Mineral salts.

What does 226ERS ENERGY DRINK 1KG contain?

Amylopectin: It is the perfect complement to recharge the body's glycogen. It is quickly absorbed in the stomach so it avoids discomfort during physical activity in addition to reaching the body in record time, avoiding the terrible 'birds'.
✅ Taurine: It is a supplement that improves performance by helping, by dilating the blood vessels, the nutrients to reach all corners of the body earlier and better. It also delays fatigue and tiredness.
✅ L-Carnitine: Carnitine helps cells feed on fats that are stored in the body, improving energy efficiency and reserving glycogen.

vitamins including:

✅ Vitamin A: It helps in the process of formation of the body mucous membranes, soft tissues, bones, teeth and of course the skin. It is essential at the level of cell development and repair of mucosal cells, epithelia, skin, vision, nails and hair.
✅ VitaminD: Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. Calcium is one of the main components of bones.Vitamin D also plays a role in your nervous, muscular, and immune systems.
✅ B12 vitamin: This vitamin helps growth and fight aging, and is often used to increase metabolism, so we can consume high doses of vitamin B12 to lose weight – as long as we also follow a diet and exercise.

226ERS ENERGY DRINK Ingredients

Amylopectin, Acidifier: Citric Acid, L-Carnitine, L-Taurine, Minerals, Vitamins, Aroma. Sweetener: Sucralose. Colorant: Curcumin.


Nutritional information

Other ingredients: 100g / 50g

Protein 0.0g
L-Carnitine 500mg /250mg
Fat 0.0g / 0.0g
L-Taurine 500 mg /250 mg
Carbohydrates 97.0 g / 48.5 g of which sugars 0.0 g / 0.0 g

Vitamin B1 0.77mg 70% RDA / 0.39mg 35% RDA*
Vitamin B2 0.98mg 70% RDA / 0.49mg 35% RDA*
Vitamin PP 11.20 mg 70% RDA / 5.60 mg 35% RDA*
Vitamin B6 0.98mg 70% RDA / 0.49mg 35% RDA*
Vitamin B12 1.75 mcg 70% RDA / 0.88 mcg 35% RDA*
Vitamin B5 4.20 mg 70% RDA / 2.10 mg 35% RDA*
Folic acid 140.00 mcg 70% RDA /70.00 mcg 35% RDA*
Vitamin A 560.00 mcg 70% RDA / 280.00 mcg 35% RDA*
Vitamin E 8.40 mg 70% RDA / 4.20 mg 25% RDA*
Vitamin D 3.50 mcg 70% RDA / 1.75 mcg 35% RDA*
Biotin 35.00 mcg 70% RDA / 17.50 mcg 35% RDA*
Potassium 50.40 mg 1.00% RDA / 25.20 mg 0.50% RDA*
Chlorine 72.84 mg 9.00% RDA / 36.42 mg 4.50% RDA*
Magnesium 15.57 mg 4.15% RDA / 7.79 mg 2.08% RDA*
Zinc 2.87mg 28.70% RDA / 1.44mg 14.35% RDA*
Sodium 47.20mg / 23.60mg

Energy value: 388 kcal (1621.8 kJ)/194 kcal (810.9 kJ)

Presentation of 226ERS ENERGY DRINK:

1000 gram container.

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