226ers Energy Gel 25 G.

226ers Energy Gel 25 G.


226ERS ENERGY GEL 25G. Perfect gel for sports with high energy demand. ENERGYGEL It has a reduced size ideal for running, triathlon, cycling or mtb since it can be carried anywhere.

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What is 226ERS ENERGY GEL 25G?

226ERS ENERGY GEL 25 G. Very small size gels that make them perfect to take anywhere.

Do you need an energy gel to get less tired? to endure more?

226ERS ENERGY GEL 25 G. They are designed for situations with high energy demands, competitions and endurance sports, running, triathlon, cycling, mtb or similar…

Perfect gel for sports with high energy demand. Also 226ERS ENERGY GEL It has a reduced size ideal for running, triathlon, cycling or mtb.
It hardly contains glucose so we will avoid insulin spikes and its energy comes from complex carbohydrates, especially amylopectin and others such as maltrodextrin. The other half of the carbohydrates come mainly from fructose.

So small. So easy. So close

What does 226ERS ENERGY GEL 25G contain?

226ERS ENERGY GEL It contains mineral salts to replenish those that we lose through sweating.
The Magnesium It is a muscle relaxant that will be very useful to avoid painful cramps after finishing your exercise, and magnesium helps regulate blood sugar.
The Potassium It allows you to maintain normal blood pressure and regulates the correct amount of water in our cells.
The Sodium It will help you regulate a perfect hydroelectrolytic balance in the body, it also supports the osmotic pressure in a balanced way and will prevent you from suffering hyponatremia.
The Caffeine (depending on flavor) that will help you delay tiredness and fatigue while helping your brain to focus on physical exertion.Improve your performance while reducing pain.

Instructions for use 226ERS ENERGY GEL 25 G

It is recommended to take a gel every 30 minutes – 1 hour with 300 ml of water. It can be worn loose anytime an extra boost of energy is needed.

Presentation of 226ERS ENERGY GEL 25 G

25 gram gels.
Also available in a full box of 20 units.


Strawberry/Banana Caffeine Free
Caffeine Free Mango
Caffeine free caramel
caffeine free licorice
pineapple and coconut with 25mg of caffeine
lemon with 25mg of caffeine
melon with 50mg of caffeine
coffee with 50mg of caffeine
berries with 100mg of caffeine
cola with 100mg caffeine

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