Amix Anabolic Explosion

Amix Anabolic Explosion


Amix Anabolic Explosion is a supplement that contains a special complex with amino acids, minerals, plant extracts and vitamin B6 specially designed to stimulate the natural secretion of testosterone.

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What is Amix Anabolic Explosion?

Anabolic Explosion by AMIX NUTRITION is a product specially developed for stimulate the secretion of natural testosterone.

What is Amix Anabolic Explosion used for?

Anabolic Explosion increases your strength and resistance which will allow you to achieve maximum intensity training, while you will have a faster recovery as it helps to eliminate lactic acid, which is the main responsible for soreness. Anabolic Explosion it also increases libido and sexual desire.

The benefits of Anabolic Explosion

  • Increases the production of natural testosterone.
  • Decreases recovery time.
  • Improves muscle growth.
  • Increases explosive force.
  • Contains ZMA™ (patented formula of minerals).
  • Improves libido.

How to take Anabolic Explosion 200 caps

Take 6 capsules a day before training. On non-training days take in the morning with food. Use for a maximum period of 8 weeks and take a 4-week rest period before consuming the product again.

Presentation of Anabolic Explosion Amix: 200 Capsules.

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