Amix Carniline 2000 Profitness 10X25 Ml

Amix Carniline 2000 Profitness 10X25 Ml


Carline Pro Active is the new sports supplement designed by Amix based on L Carnitine tarate in single doses, which plays a fundamental role in metabolizing fats within the body.

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What is Carline ProFitness 2000?

L-Carnitine is a B-complex type substance that is synthesized naturally in the liver from L-methionine and L-lysine. Its main function of metabolize fats and transport them to the mitochondria for later use as a source of energy.

Carline ProFitness 2000 It has been enriched with green tea, which speeds up metabolism and is high in polyphenols that have antioxidants.

The benefits of Carline Pro Fitness 2000

  • It helps improve performance, reduce fatigue and promote proper recovery after training.
  • favors the Loss of fat. Decreases catabolism: that is, it prevents the loss of muscle mass.
  • Regulates triglycerides in the blood, giving athletes the opportunity to perform more intense training for long periods of time, increasing their energy.
  • Increase the energy supply to the muscles.
  • It acts directly on the fats stored in our body, helping the transport of fatty acids within the cells, it also helps protein synthesis, thus favoring the creation of muscle mass.
  • Carniline Pro Active It is a completely natural product and has no contraindications of any kind.
  • It also contains Green Tea. Green Tea contains high levels of polyphenols that have antioxidant properties, it also speeds up metabolism and helps lose fat.

How to use

Take 1 dose (25ml.) 30 minutes before training.

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