Amix Chelazone® Calcichel® 90 Vcaps

Amix Chelazone® Calcichel® 90 Vcaps


Amix CalciChel It is a food supplement that provides calcium, a fundamental mineral to maintain a correct bone structure, bones and teeth. It also promotes energy metabolism.

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The way of bisglycinate in chelated form, one of the forms with better absorption and greater bioavailability in existence. the way bisglycinate it increases its bioavailability and digestive tolerance is greater since it contains chelated complexes.

Amix capsules CalciChel are V-Caps Plus. They are of plant origin.

Calcium Bisglycinate in chelated form provides a source of one of the most important minerals for the human body. It is the most abundant mineral in the body.


  • Each dose of 4 capsules provides 800mg of calcium bisglycinate chelate.
  • The absorption is higher compared to that of any other type of calcium.
  • Great bioavailability.
  • Patented vegan capsules.


  • Calcium is a mineral that is involved in the normal muscle function, certain nerve signals and in the regulation of certain digestive enzymes.
  • It is a fundamental mineral for bone and tooth health. It is of vital importance for the regeneration of bone tissue.
  • Contributes to the maintenance of energy metabolism under normal conditions and to the blood coagulation.

How to use

Take 4 capsules with 200 ml of water with one of the main meals.

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