Amix Hydrobeef 2kg

Amix Hydrobeef 2kg


Hydrobeef Peptide Protein is a sports supplement from the new range of products from Amix that provides protein from high quality and pure beef to contribute to the daily intake that your body needs.

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What is Hydrobeef Peptide Protein?

It is a complete proteincontains all essential amino acids) Derived from all-natural beef raw material with no added hormones.

During its production, no chemicals are used, instead high temperatures, combined with pressure, are used to obtain optimal hydrolysis of the raw material.

Thanks to its manufacturing process, HydroBeeF has a excellent digestibility, solubility and absorption.

It has a high concentration of protein (78%) and is also very low in fat and carbohydrates.

It is made up of pre-digested peptides of different molecular weight. And a selection of BCAAS (branched chain amino acids). Contains LactoSpore, an ingredient that helps increase enzymes for better digestion, inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria, yeast and parasites, and enhances the bioavailability of nutrients.

The benefits of Hydrobeef Peptide Protein

  • It has a high protein concentration from 100% beef. It has all the essential amino acids.
  • It provides the dose of this macronutrient that your body needs and is essential for the maintenance and gain of muscle mass.
  • It has been formulated with PepForm Triple-Matrix: it is a matrix of amino acids with greater bioavailability.
  • Sweetened with Stevia and Sucralose, two of the safest sweeteners for human consumption. Aspartame free.
  • Improves recovery after physical activity and workouts. It stimulates protein synthesis.
  • Its formula has been improved with LactoSpore, a natural ingredient that contains lactobacillusSporogenes, a probiotic micro-organism that promotes the growth and maintenance of the flora.

How to take Hydrobeef

Mix 40 g (2 scoops) of Amix HydroBeef Peptide Protein with 300 ml of water or skimmed milk. Take 1 to 3 shakes a day depending on the daily need for protein.

On days of physical activity, take a dose just after training to optimize recovery. And on rest days you can take a dose when you wake up, or between the main meals.

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