Amix Ketolean® Keto Crunch Spread 250g

Amix Ketolean® Keto Crunch Spread 250g


Keto Crunch Spread It is a delicious cream made with coconut and shea oil, with a salted caramel and peanut flavor that has been designed for people who follow a ketogenic diet.

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What is Keto Crunch Spread?

keto crunch It has been made with two sources of fatty acids that favor the state of ketosis.

  • MCT oil, from the coconut. MCT oil provides medium chain triglycerides, one of the sources that our body is able to use more effectively and with very good absorption capacity, when it comes to producing energy without the need for glucose.
  • It is shea oil, provides essential fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins A and E, and is also rich in catechins (antioxidants).

Keto Crunch Spread It is a very low sugar cream. It has been sweetened with Stevia. belongs to the product line ketolean from Amix, designed specifically for the ketogenic diet. 

It has a delicious flavor thanks to its combination of peanuts with salted caramel. Also, it has an amazing texture. crunchy, since it has real pieces of peanuts. It is ideal to include in your breakfasts, snacks and sweet recipes.

The properties and benefits of Keto Crunch Spread

  • It is a low-carb spread suitable for the ketogenic diet.
  • It provides a high fat content, thanks to two sources: shea oil and MCT oil.
  • The MCt provides medium chain triglycerides. Provides 2g of medium chain triglycerides (MCT) for every 30g of cream.
  • It is high in protein: every 100 grams, provides 19g. Contributes to the gain and maintenance of muscle mass.
  • It has a great satiating power.
  • Shea oil is a fsource of vitamin A and vitamin E.
  • It is very low in sugar. Each dose has less than 1.5 grams of sugar.

How to use

Use the desired amount in your recipes: you can spread Keto Crunch on your toast, pancakes, sponge cake and all your recipes where you want to add a delicious caramelized peanut butter.

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