Amix Mr. Poppers Sauce 0 Calories 250 Ml

Amix Mr. Poppers Sauce 0 Calories 250 Ml


Mr. Popper´s sauces 0 calories are the new sauces from Amix Nutrition, low in calories and free of fat and sugar that allow you to enjoy all the flavor of conventional sauces, but with the advantage that they do not get in the way of your objectives and goals.

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They are ideal for athletes and people who want to take care of and improve their diet.

Each jar of sauce contains 250 ml.

What are the benefits of Mr. Popper's sauces 0 calories?

  • They are low in calories, without fats or sugars.
  • They maintain the maximum flavor to give a touch to your dishes and recipes.
  • They are suitable for vegans and celiacs. They do not contain gluten.
  • Ideal to complement your meals: they provide flavor and variety.
  • Suitable for all types of diets: they will not interfere with your goals or provide extra calories.

What sauces can we find?

  • Balsamic: the perfect balsamic cream flavor to combine with your favorite salads.
  • Barbecue: the ideal barbecue flavor to combine with your meat dishes.
  • Basil: basil. Perfect to combine with tomato and use it in pasta dishes.
  • Cesar: ideal to combine in your salads.
  • Mayo: ideal alternative to conventional fat-free mayonnaise to prepare your perfect fit salads.
  • Ketchup: combine it with your favorite dishes such as baked potatoes, grilled chicken…

Who can take Mr. Popper's sauces 0 calories?

  • Any athlete or person who wants to take care of their diet and food.
  • People in times of diet or weight loss.
  • Athletes in a period of muscle definition or maintenance.
  • People who want to reduce the consumption of dietary fat.

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