Amix Oatmeal Oatmash

Amix Oatmeal Oatmash


New Oatmeal Flour from Amix Oatmash 2 Kg, fast, economical, and with a delicious flavor. Amix Oatmash 2Kg is the ideal Oatmeal for your breakfast or to mix with your favorite protein.

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MR. POPPER´S OATMASH by Amix is Oatmeal Instant in several delicious flavors.

The new Amix Oatmash oatmeal is an ideal source of natural carbohydrates, ideal for a clean and healthy breakfast or even to mix with your amix protein shake, providing multiple benefits:

  • Easy to prepare, both hot and cold.
  • Excellent flavor.
  • High satiating power.
  • Very rich in fiber.

How to use:

Mix a scoop of Mr. Popper´s OatMash (50 g.) with 200 ml. of water, milk or your favorite drink and beat until completely dissolved. Consume immediately.

Mr. Popper´s OatMash It can be taken as part of a nutritious energy breakfast or at any other time of the day. It is also indicated to prepare your favorite recipes.

Flavors: natural, banoffee, double chocolate, peanut butter, white chocolate, coconut-chocolate and strawberry-cream.

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