Amix Performance E-Lite Liquid Electrolytes

Amix Performance E-Lite Liquid Electrolytes


AMIX E-LITE LIQUID ELECTROLYTES It is a supplement with electrolytes and vitamins of rapid absorption for any athlete. LIQUID ELECTROLYTES It has the right minerals to offer you maximum hydration every time.

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What is Amix Performance E-lite Liquid Electrolytes?

AMIX Performance E-lite Electrolytes concentrated in liquid form is a food supplement containing complex electrolytes and important vitamins.

AMIX Performance E-lite Electrolytes is designed for physically active people and athletes of any level.
When presented in liquid form, AMIX E-LITE ELECTROLYTES It enters the blood more easily, being absorbed immediately and thus can play its role more quickly. Reducing the absorption time thus avoiding any digestive problem.

Benefits of Amix Performance E-lite Liquid Electrolytes

AMIX E-LITE ELECTROLYTES It comes in convenient ampoules for individual use that can be taken as and when you want in a simple and easy way. It is not necessary to drink water after consumption.
The great leaders of the formula E-LITE ELECTROLYTES are the Magnesium and the vitaminsC and D, although it also contains small doses of calcium Y potassium.

We cannot forget that it also has sodium, which has been proven to successfully achieve greater hydration retention.
Amix Performance It hasn't forgotten endurance or resistance athletes and that's why it has launched its new 'Perfomance' line. Amix Performance They use only quality ingredients and cutting-edge technology so as not to miss the smallest detail and to be able to offer you these products that stand out for their effectiveness, safety and, of course, quality.

Composition of Amix Performance E-lite Liquid Electrolytes

AMIX E-lite Electrolytes It is made up of mineral salts (sodium, potassium, magnesium…) to guarantee the perfect behavior of muscular action as well as neuromuscular action. It contains vitamins to guarantee the absorption of nutrients and specifically of mineral salts.

How to use Amix Performance E-lite Liquid Electrolytes

Consume one unit 20 minutes before exercise and every 2 hours of physical activity.

Presentation of Amix Performance E-lite Liquid Electrolytes: Vial 60ml. Full box 20 vials

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