Amix Performance Quick Energy Gel 45g

Amix Performance Quick Energy Gel 45g


Amix Performance Quick Energy Gel 45g. Concentrated energy gel with carbohydrates and caffeine. Lemon and orange flavor!

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What is Amix Performance Quick Energy Gel 45g?

Quick Gel 45g by Amix is ​​a slightly absorbed carbohydrate gel with caffeine, vitamins and minerals .

  • Energy gel concentrate
  • With high glycemic index carbohydrates
  • 45mg caffeine per serving
  • Available in flavors: lemon and orange
  • Ultra fast absorption and effects
  • Ideal for a last effort in resistance tasks

What are the properties of Amix Performance Quick Energy Gel 45g?

Quick Gel provides lightly absorbed carbohydrates that will give you one last boost of energy for the final stage. extensive and intense physical education.

Its carbohydrates have prominent glycemic index , which means that they will lower blood glucose slightly and explosively. Therefore, the body will absorb the nutrients instantly, so that we will obtain the necessary energy efficiently. The agile gel was designed to produce a deep peak of energy focused on a specific effort.

The plus supply of energy, strength and endurance of Quick Gel is fundamentally useful to increase the intensity at the end of an extended physical education, such as a marathon, a race, a triathlon, a cycling, etc.

Its size and packing, small and easy to transport , make Quick Gel an ideal supplement that you can carry on your belt or in your pocket. The gel format enables the consumption and absorption of nutrients. It will become your perfect partner for longer disputes or training!

What are the characteristics of Amix Performance Quick Energy Gel 45g?

The agile gel contains:


Glucose-Maltose Medication: A conjunction of glucose, an easy molecule and the primary sugar our bodies use for energy, and maltose, a disaccharide that is made up of two glucose molecules and tends to be usable in sprouting grains of barley.

Cyclic dextrin (Cluster Dextrin®): it is a more recent generation carbohydrate that is fundamentally useful for high intensity occupations. Cyclic dextrin or cyclodextrin is used primarily as an intraphysical recuperator, since it helps to postpone gastric emptying.


Magnesium: magnesium belongs to the most outstanding minerals in nutrition. Its energizing characteristics allow us to sustain the rhythm of the activity, maintaining an acceptable intensity and athletic performance.

Amino acids:

Taurine: is the most abundant non-fundamental amino acid in our muscle tissue. Its role in the Quick Gel is to improve physical performance in high-intensity occupations, supporting muscle performance and rehabilitation.


Caffeine: Caffeine provides an extra dose of energy and strength, progressing the effect of the other elements of Quick Gel. This powerful boost will produce an energy spike at the end of your workout.


Vitamin C: This vitamin plays a fundamental role in the absorption of nutrients by the body. In addition, it is also involved in several physiological processes that take place throughout the exercise. So, it will support the absorption of nutrients from Quick Gel to produce energy more quickly.

Vitamin B6: In the same way as vitamin C, vitamin B6 is involved in energy metabolism since it helps us get energy from food. Its role in the Quick Gel is going to be to increase energy production in synergy with the rest of the elements.

How to use

In intense efforts, take 1 gel 30 minutes before the end of the effort.

PRODUCT FORMAT 1 gel of 45 grams.

WHAT FLAVORS ARE AVAILABLE? Lemon and blood orange

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