Amix Performance Rocks Energy Sport Gel 32g

Amix Performance Rocks Energy Sport Gel 32g


AMIX ROCK'S ENERGY SPORT GEL It is a gel with a complex mixture of carbohydrates to maintain the energy in your body over time without sudden spikes or drops.

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What is Amix Performance Rock's Engergy Sport Gel?

ROCK'S ENERGY SPORT GEL from Amix Nutrition is a gel with a mixture of various carbohydrates from simple to complex to ensure a sustained release of energy over time.

Benefits of Amix Performance Rock's Engergy Sport Gel

AMIX Performance Rock's Gel It is a combined carbohydrate in the form of a gel that combines several types of carbohydrates, such as a simple molecule (glucose) with a slightly more complex molecule (maltodextrin). The objective of this alloy is none other than to provide an amount of instantaneous energy and to ensure that said energy does not produce insulin spikes and then falls rapidly, producing a decrease in energy, that is, to sustain it with a more complex carbohydrate base that provides us with energy. long lasting. AMIX Rock's Gel It gives us energy immediately during intense physical exercise.

There are two formats of Amix Rock Gel, with caffeine and without caffeine, depending on the goal of the athlete at the time of intake. Caffeine speeds up metabolic processes as well as energy production.

How to use:

Take one gel every 30 min after 60 to 90 min of physical activity, depending on the intensity of the activity.

Presentation of Amix Performance Rock's Engergy Sport Gel: 32 gram container. Complete box 20 units.

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