Amix Shaker Mixer

Amix Shaker Mixer


The mixer or shaker of Amix It is designed so that you can prepare and take your smoothies everywhere in the most comfortable and efficient way.

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What is the Amix mixer shaker?

It is designed with a anti-lump grid so that the dissolution and mixture of your shakes is homogeneous.

Its main lid is screwed and has a pressure lid security system so that it is easy to close every time you decide to drink. It is comfortable Y easy to open and close. Prevents you from losing fluid.

The materials with which it has been designed are great quality. It is resistant to shocks, drops and scratches. It resists countless washes without losing its shape, characteristics and without erasing.

How to use the Amix Shaker?

Put your powdered supplements that you want to prepare a shake in the mixing glass together with the desired amount of water, juice, milk or vegetable drink. Shake and mix until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

Prepare your shakes in just a few seconds! No need for a blender or mixer.

It can also be used to transport water.

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