Amix Testo F-200 200caps

Amix Testo F-200 200caps


Amix™ TestoF-200 is a revolutionary supplement with the goal of naturally increasing your testosterone level which is the essential missing link for building muscle by providing your body with the nutrients it needs to naturally produce more testosterone.

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What is Amix Testo F-200 200 caps?

The nutrients in Amix™ TestoF-200 turn the dial to the max, making sure you have everything you need to support the fastest possible growth. It provides the necessary nutrients to the body in precise doses to promote an increase in the endogenous synthesis of testosterone.

What is Amix Testo F-200 200 caps for?

The formula of TestoF-200 includes d-aspartic acid (D.A.A). It is an amino acid that regulates anabolic hormones, such as testosterone and growth hormone. It functions as a neurotransmitter for the areas of the nervous system that are involved in hormone synthesis. It favors the synthesis of LH (which regulates the secretion of testosterone) and HGH (growth hormone) from the pituitary gland.

It has also been enriched with Alpha-Ketoglutarate (A.K.G) blending L-Arginine with the enzyme Alpha-Ketoglutarate. Promotes the synthesis of nitric oxide (NO) creating a vasodilator effect and thus facilitating the transport of nutrients and oxygen. At the same time, arginine is involved in the production of anabolic hormones such as growth hormone or insulin, which also contributes to protein synthesis.

In addition, it includes Tribulus Terrestris, a plant that has been used in traditional medicine for centuries and for various afflictions, while Tribulus increases libido and sexual desire. Increases physical performance and muscle growth.


  • natural and safe
  • Fast recovery, fast growth
  • More energy
  • Anabolic Support Complex

Suggested use

Take 5 tablets with 300 ml of water between main meals. Use this product for up to 8 weeks and stop using it for 4 weeks before using it again.

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