Amix Thermolean 90caps

Amix Thermolean 90caps


AMIX THERMOLEAN 90CAPS powerful fat burner with a combination of 17 natural ingredients highly effective in eliminating fat, with caffeine, thermogenics and diuretics.

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Components of Amix Thermolean 90 Caps.:

AMIX THERMOLEAN of FAMILY SUPPLEMENTS it's a fat burn With the power of the combination of 17 natural ingredients that are highly effective in eliminating fat, including two types of caffeine, thermogenics and diuretics.


  • Guarana, which as a powerful stimulant accelerator of metabolism.
  • Citrimax (Garcinia Cambodia), reduces the assimilation of fats after the meal between 40 and 70%.
  • L-Tyrosine, which reduces appetite.
  • Yerba Mate, stimulant of the nervous system as much as caffeine, increases energy and also acts as a powerful diuretic, favoring diuresis (elimination of liquids).
  • Gynostemna pentapyllum extract, which reduces the levels of fatty acids in the blood, promotes digestion and protects the stomach.
  • Caffeine, delays the feeling of tiredness and increases mental activity.
  • Guggul, which speeds up metabolism by causing thermogenesis, reduces bad cholesterol levels and triglycerides in the blood.
  • Chromium picolinate, a component that lowers glucose levels, reduces body fat and increases muscle mass.
  • Cayenne extract, has thermogenic properties thus increasing body temperature.

What is Amix ThermoLean 90 used for?

THERMOLEAN of AMIX It helps us control our appetite and the desire to eat fatty foods.

THERMOLEAN of AMIX It is the perfect choice for those who want to lose fat and achieve a slim figure completely free of fat in a healthy and natural way.

Presentation of Amix ThermoLean: 90 Capsules.

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