Atipick Extra Strong Latex Loop Band 30 X 5cm X 1.1mm 16-18kg Blue

Atipick Extra Strong Latex Loop Band 30 X 5cm X 1.1mm 16-18kg Blue


These bands are ideal for training separate muscle groups, how can they be arms and legs, in addition to being very light Y very easy to transport, being able to practice the exercise both in our homes and in gyms.

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The extra strong latex band 30x5cmx1.1mm of 16-18kg blue from Atipick is one of the elastic bands stronger and more resistant of Atipick being this perfect for muscle toning as well as for the joint strengthening, being one of the best fitness supplements with which to exercise our body.

This elastic band has a extra strong resistance of 16-18kg being one of the most resistant and hard of the market, in addition to having measures of 30x5cmx1.1mm.

Although Atipick's extra-strong elastic band has been made entirely of latex, this being perfect for practicing exercises with elastic bands.

Is it suitable to be used by anyone?

YesAlthough it is one of the most resistant elastic bands, it is therefore designed for bodybuilding as well as for training and stretching our joints, and can also be used for activities with therapeutic purposes as well as rehabilitation. We can also find different measures and intensities, which will adjust to our needs.

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