Atipick Power Band Latex Strong 104X2.2cm 18-31kg

Atipick Power Band Latex Strong 104X2.2cm 18-31kg


Designed to support the weight of a person and ideal for lifting exercises, resistance and stretching. One of the most common uses is to help you get up in pull-ups, providing that last effort you need.

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What is Atipick Power Band Latex Strong 104×2.2cm 18-31kg?

The resistance bands are incredibly solid and resistant. and are designed for prominent performance training. They are used to assist with pull-ups and other bodyweight exercises such as push-ups or more exercises that we recommend later. All resistance bands are Made with only one part of 100% latex rubber, they offer durability, resistance and memory.


  • Material: Latex
  • Length: 104cm
  • Maintenance: hand wash, no bleach. Air dry.
  • Includes an exclusive band.

What is it for ?

  • Work on toning the whole body, rehabilitation or stretching.
  • Effective for training: arms, back, buttocks, chest, shoulders, abdominals.

What distinguishes between Resistance Bands and Dumbbells?

If you are wondering how to do your training better or what material to choose to work on your performance and muscle mass from home. We recommend a faster option than dumbbells: resistance bands or PowerBand.

The two sports materials are very effective. The huge difference of the PowerBand is its weight, they are lighter.

Also, they are really easy to transport and store. With them you will have the possibility of working on the control of movements progressively.

What exercises to carry out with the Resistance Bands?

You never had so many facilities to train from home. It is the moment to train the exercises with the elastic bands. Here are up to 10 ideas that you can put into practice:

  • Bent over row with band
  • Pull apart with resistance bands
  • Pullover lying with bands
  • Push-ups with resistance bands
  • Incline chest press with resistance band
  • Standing Front Chest Press with Bands
  • Overhead shoulder press with bands
  • Lateral raises with resistance bands
  • Banded Bicep Curls
  • Banded Overhead Triceps Extension
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