Atipick Set 4 Circular Elastic Bands 25cm

Atipick Set 4 Circular Elastic Bands 25cm


25 centimeter circular elastic bands, from the well-known Atipick brand, ideal for any type of training.

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Benefits of elastic bands

Elastic bands have become a basic training element for many disciplines and sports.. Less commitment to injury, gain joint mobility, relieve pain due to overload and adjust to the different resistances of each exercise.

elastic band applications

In the different programs where elastic bands are applied as a material, they are used to achieve numerous benefits:

  • Develop muscle strength and imitate sports movements.
  • gain joint mobility specific to an anatomical area.
  • Relieve some pain due to overload by limiting or complementing ranges of motion to promote mobility and flexibility.

Lower risk of injury

One of the essential benefits of elastic bands is that it is very difficult for you to injure yourself, the safety with which it facilitates the development of an optimization of the muscle-tendon system, giving the opportunity to create tension and resistance adaptations immediately”, affirms the expert.

In addition, it facilitates effective training of all muscles, given its versatility when exercising.

Properties and advantages

Characteristics of elastic bands at the time of training with them:

  • They are made of latex so they have a lot of elasticity.
  • Its cost is low
  • The elastic band is easy to use in different places, both indoors and outdoors
  • It allows you to do the exercises individually or in pairs.
  • The considerable increase in tension at the end of the extension of the tape benefits from demanding more from the stabilizing muscles of the joint.
  • In the market there are elastic bands of different colors that adjust to the resistance demands of the exercise and the individual.
  • The elastic bands are used to improve strength and resistance, which increases the tone of the muscles and the ability to withstand the fatigue that comes from prolonged efforts.
  • With elastic bands, strength-resistance training is executed with magnitudes lower than those essential for training other types of strength. To achieve this, the repetitions in the exercises and the number of series are increased.

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