Atipick Strong Resistance Tube With Nylon Cover 160cm

Atipick Strong Resistance Tube With Nylon Cover 160cm


Although Atipick's strong resistance tube has a measure of 160cm, being verylightweight and therefore very easy to transport, so we can work with it anywhere, whether at home, gym, etc.

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The Atipick strong resistance tube with nylon cover is the ideal complement for our training and fitness exercises, being ideal for strengthen and work our musculature As for hold our line, being a quality product, as well as sure and very simple to use.

In addition, thanks to its rubberized handles, we can enjoy a secure and comfortable grip. When working with it, it is necessary to maintain a correct body posture as well as to perform the movements and exercises slowly, steadily and with the right movement, otherwise we could injure ourselves or the exercise performed could be inefficient.

Although, thanks to this product we will be able to strengthen our joints as well as work and tone up our muscles, as well as being ideal for fitness exercises and stretching. Although, the Atipick strong resistance tube comes with a nylon cover, being perfect to preserve and preserve the product in the best possible way.

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