Biocop Blueberry Compote 280 G

Biocop Blueberry Compote 280 G


Biocop Blueberry Compote 280g is an organic product with natural blueberries and concentrated apple juice. Sweeten your breakfasts and desserts with this compote and improve your diet and your responsible consumption.

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Composition of Blueberry Compote Biocop 280g

This product contains blueberries (55%) and concentrated apple juice (44%) from organic farming, gelling agent: pectin.

What is it for?

biocop is the perfect ally for all those people who have decided to improve, once and for all, your eating and drinking habits. This decision can be made in many ways: from the elimination of the gluten until the veganism, going through the purchase of organic products, Y Biocop Blueberry Compote 280g complies with all requirements.

This plum compote is made with blueberries Y Apple juice concentrate, both ingredients from organic farming, so it can be classified as a responsible product and environmentally friendly.

The benefits of Biocop Blueberry Compote 280g not only have to do with the ecological crisis, but also influence positively in health and in eating habits. Opting for this type of product is vital for eliminate excess additives from our diets and chemical ingredients.

For all this, and for its delicious flavor, add Biocop Blueberry Compote 280g to any sweet recipe is one of the best decisions you can make in your day to day. Enjoy the natural qualities of blueberries and take care of planet Earth.

Benefits of Blueberry Compote Biocop 280g

  • With organic blueberries and apple juice.
  • Responsible consumption product.
  • Without gluten.
  • Suitable for vegans.
  • With all the natural qualities of blueberries.

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