Biocop Horsetail Infusion 20g

Biocop Horsetail Infusion 20g


Biocop Cola de Caballo Infusion 20g is ideal, among other things, to eliminate fluid retention. This type of natural infusions are very beneficial for well-being, and it is made with organic horsetail.

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Composition of Biocop Horsetail Infusion 20g

This product contains horsetail from organic farming.

What is it for?

biocop is one of the most recognized brands in the world of sports and healthy nutrition, and its range of infusions It is one of the examples that best demonstrates the reasons for this great prestige.

Biocop Horsetail Infusion 20g, like the rest of the varieties, is made with ingredients from ecological agriculture, an absolutely key factor when it comes to standing out above the rest of products of this type. Thus, any client can be sure that he is contributing to a responsible consumption that respects the environment.

Organic certification also means that the natural qualities of the raw material they are intact. In this case, the horse tail It has a main property: its benefits diuretics.

Biocop Horsetail Infusion 20g is a perfect solution for people suffering from fluid retention, for whatever reason. Logically, if it is a real health problem, it is necessary to go to a professional doctor, but this infusion can be a very valuable help in the rest of the cases.

Benefits of Biocop Horsetail Infusion 20g

  • Organic product.
  • With horse tail.
  • Ideal to combat fluid retention.
  • Contribute to responsible consumption.

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