Biocop Mini Spelled Wheat Piadinas 100g

Biocop Mini Spelled Wheat Piadinas 100g


The minipiadinas of biocop They are made with a fine dough based on wheat and whole spelled, ideal for preparing dishes and recipes, both sweet and savory.

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What are Biocop Spelled Wheat Mini Piadinas?

  • The mini format makes the piadinas a comfortable product, easy to prepare. They are inspired by the traditional Italian flatbread.
  • They are recommended for all those people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and take care of their diet.
  • The spelled brings proteins of high biological value, B vitamins and a high fiber content. It is one of the most nourishing and satiating
  • Made with oil100% extra virgin olive oil. All ingredients are 100% organic.

Does not contain milk or derivatives.

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