Biocop Pizza Spelled Two Bases 300 G

Biocop Pizza Spelled Two Bases 300 G


Biocop Pizza Spelled Two Bases 300g allows you to cook your homemade pizzas with an organic spelled base. In this way, its nutritional qualities will be healthy and you will be contributing to responsible and environmentally friendly consumption.

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Composition of Biocop Pizza Spelled Two Bases 300g

This product contains wholemeal spelled flour*, water, yeast, salt and extra virgin olive oil*.

* Of biological origin.

What is it for?

The Pizza is, without a doubt, one of the favorite foods of many people, but it is true that in most cases its nutritional composition makes it not compatible with practically any diet.

To solve this problem, biocop offers its organic spelled pizza bases, created specifically to minimize the possible nutritional problems that they could cause. In fact, its composition is reduced to water, yeast, extra virgin olive oil and whole spelled flour.

Thanks to the organic origin of spelled, not only does he ensure that all his natural qualities will remain intact, but is actively contributing to a vital struggle today: to change the consumption habits by others responsible.

Biocop Pizza Spelled Two Bases 300g lets cook your favorite pizzawithout fear to nutritional consequences. And it is that everything homemade is always healthier, and if you also add the ecological factor, the benefits grow even more.

Benefits of Biocop Pizza Spelled Two Bases 300g

  • Two spelled pizza bases.
  • From organic farming.
  • Healthy composition.
  • Without additives.
  • Cook your favorite pizza in a healthy way.

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