Biocop Rapunzel White Chocolates 20 G

Biocop Rapunzel White Chocolates 20 G


Biocop Rapunzel White Chocolates 20g is a true wonder for lovers of white chocolate. Its preparation has followed the Swiss chocolate tradition and, in addition, it has certificates of organic ingredients and fair trade.

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Composition of Biocop Rapunzel White Chocolates 20g

This product contains cane sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder (28%), emulsifier: soy lecithin, Bourbon vanilla. All ingredients come from organic farming.

What is it for?

Biocop Rapunzel White Chocolates 20g is one of those products that shows that, with Biocop, nothing is impossible. In this case, it offers a tablet of White chocolate that maintains all the original flavor and texture, while enhancing the nutritional benefits with a healthier and more respectful composition with the environment.

All the ingredients of this white chocolate come from ecological agriculture, so their natural qualities have been 100% respected. This not only improves the quality of the product, but also gives you the security of not putting chemicals into your body.

Thanks to that, Biocop Rapunzel White Chocolates 20g It is one of the few chocolates that can be compatible with many different diets, since it does not contain the elements that are usually restricted such as preservatives, dyes, etc.

It is now possible to combine a healthy food and free of additives with products as delicious as the White chocolate. In addition, you will be putting your grain of sand in the fight against the ecological crisis and climate, because the ingredients of Biocop Rapunzel White Chocolates 20g are ecological and meets the standards of fair Trade, thus combating inequalities with producing countries.

Benefits of Biocop Rapunzel White Chocolates 20g

  • 100% natural and organic white chocolate.
  • Without additives.
  • Made according to the Swiss chocolate tradition.
  • Responsible consumption product.
  • With fair trade certificate.
  • All the flavor and texture of white chocolate.

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