Biocop Rice Toast 130g

Biocop Rice Toast 130g


Biocop Tostadas de Arroz 130g is a healthy snack that can be eaten alone at any time of the day or used to accompany all kinds of food. It is made, at 99.87%, from organic brown rice, so its composition is very light.

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Composition of Biocop Rice Toast 130g

This product contains organic brown rice (99.87%) and sea salt (0.13%).

What is it for?

Biocop Rice Toast 130g is one of the products biocop with more different ways of use. Because it is toast with a surprisingly light composition, they can be used for practically anything, since eating them will not cause any nutritional discomfort.

Therefore, it is ideal for all those moments between meals in which the appetite appears, since it allows to calm it without breaking the rules of a balanced diet. In the same way, it can be used to spread something on top or, simply, to accompany another type of food.

The format of Biocop Rice Toast 130g, light and crisp, is another of the great advantages, since it provides a texture that can be perfectly combined with various gastronomic recipes.

If you want accompany your meals without harming the rules of your diet, Biocop Rice Toast 130g is your ideal solution. In addition, the Integral rice that makes up the 99.87% of the product comes from ecological agriculture, so you take care of yourself while taking care of our planet.

Benefits of Biocop Rice Toast 130g

  • Toast to accompany any meal or take alone.
  • Very light composition.
  • Made with organic brown rice.
  • Responsible consumption product.
  • Light and crisp.
  • Ideal for snacking between meals.

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