Clear Pumpkin Seeds Biocop 250 G

Clear Pumpkin Seeds Biocop 250 G


Clara Biocop Pumpkin Seeds 250g is a product rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, both with very beneficial properties. In addition, it contains vitamins A and E, fiber and protein. A tremendously complete food, 100% natural and from organic farming.

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Composition of Clear Pumpkin Seeds Biocop 250g

This product only contains shelled pumpkin seeds from organic farming.

What is it for?

Clear Pumpkin Seeds Biocop 250g is one of those ingredients that you can use as complement for recipes of all kinds. From salads to yogurts and desserts, they will combine perfectly and offer a series of very valuable nutritional benefits.

One of the most remarkable features of Clear Pumpkin Seeds Biocop 250g is its high content of essential fatty acids, such as omega 3 and omega 6. Its presence is ideal to fight against one of the most pressing health problems today: the excess cholesterol. It also offers significant doses of vitamins A and E, with his power antioxidant.

On the other hand, these Pumpkin seeds they are very rich in proteins, with a 30.23% of protein concentration that makes them very useful in sports diets. Such an important contribution acts directly on the structural health of the muscular system, allowing muscles perform at their best.

The fiber of Clear Pumpkin Seeds Biocop 250g have a satiating power very useful when following a diet, in addition to improve intestinal transit.

All these benefits are enhanced by a determining factor: Clear Pumpkin Seeds Biocop 250g It's a product 100% natural and ecological. Natural because it only contains pumpkin seeds, without any additive, and ecological because they come from organic farming, therefore, it contributes to the creation of sustainable consumption habits.

Benefits of Clear Pumpkin Seeds Biocop 250g

  • Organic pumpkin seeds.
  • 100% natural product. Without additives.
  • High content of omega 3 and omega 6.
  • Fights excess cholesterol.
  • With vitamins A and E.
  • 30.23% protein.
  • Rich in fiber.
  • Responsible consumption product.

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