Encore Fitness Grip Straps

Encore Fitness Grip Straps


Grip Straps the accessory that allows you to optimize strength training, improve grip and provide wrist protection.

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What are Encore Grip Straps?

When the grip strength is not enough, the total weight lifted in an exercise will be diminished. Grip straps allow for greater tolerance training volume and intensity. They also help prevent bar slippage and optimize stability.

The new straps or grip tapes from Encore have been designed with the aim of providing a greater and safer grip strength, in the face of different heavy lifting and exercises.

Encore Grip Straps It has been made of resistant and durable materials over time, which is not easily broken. They support the highest loads of each training.

Each package includes 2 units. One size. Available in red and black.

Exercises with Grip straps.

  • Rack Pulls.
  • Deadlift and its different variants: conventional, Romanian and sumo.
  • Barbell rowing.

Benefits of Grip Straps.

  • Improved grip strength.
  • Wrist protection.
  • Greater safety against high loads.
  • They allow to continue when there is the appearance of wounds or erosions in the hands.
  • improvement of the total volume and intensity of training.
  • Higher stability in front of the bar.
  • They facilitate lifts in which the grip strength is not enough.

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