Encore Girdle Black

Encore Girdle Black


ENCORE GIRDLE BLACK It is an abdominal reducing girdle that models the abdomen and waist. BLACK GIRDLE controls movement, prevents injuries. Very comfortable to use.

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Encore Girdle Black It is an abdominal girdle that shapes the abdomen and waist, and controls movement.

Shapes the waist and abdomen, controls movement, prevents injuries and tears during exercise. Made of resistant and fresh fabric, very comfortable to wear. It has flexible rods. Shapes the waist and abdomen area. Improves the practice of sports and exercises.

Encore Girdle Black It is a girdle that reduces centimeters and prevents injuries while you train. Ideal for use in the gym. Controls movement and stabilizes the spine for exercises. It is recommended to raise the level of exercises safely.

Features of Encore Girdle Black:

  • Models the abdomen and waist
  • control the movement
  • Prevents injuries and tears during exercise
  • Perfect for raising the level of exercises safely
  • stabilizes the spine
  • Made of resistant and fresh fabric
  • Tighter in the abdominal area
  • with flexible rods
  • Very comfortable to use

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