Feeling Ok Start Chocolate Tavoletta Cocoa 30X20G

Feeling Ok Start Chocolate Tavoletta Cocoa 30X20G


The Italian chocolate bar Feeling OK Tavoletta It is a great option, a bar of the best Italian chocolate low in carbohydrates, without added sugars and rich in protein and fiber.

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What is Feeling OK Start Tavoletta Cacao?

It's delicious italian chocolate bar of feeling ok It has excellent nutritional values ​​and is a great alternative to traditional supermarket chocolate, full of simple sugars. Enjoy the taste of an ounce of chocolate and treat yourself without breaking your diet!

All the foods own to the range Start Of the brand feeling ok They stand out for being very high quality products: rich in protein and fiber, and very low in carbohydrates. Thus, they help maintain weight loss quickly and directly. Enjoy its delicious flavor without added sugars and maintaining your diet.

Perfect for desserts, breakfasts or snacks, lose weight while enjoying this irresistible low-carb chocolate bar!

Benefits of Feeling OK Start Tavoletta:

  • it's a snack delicious Y healthy
  • Provides access to a source proteins and fiber in a comfortable and simple way.
  • It is useful in any situation, at any time and in any place.
  • You can use it as a complement, as a whim, as a snack…
  • Enjoy all its flavors without added sugars.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and diabetics.

How to take it:

This chocolate bar is suitable for any circumstance, eat it whenever you feel like it and enjoy a delicious and healthy snack while meeting your daily protein goal at the same time.

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