Feeling Ok Start Snacker 50g

Feeling Ok Start Snacker 50g


Start Snacker are the new sesame or paprika flavored toasts, low in carbohydrates, ideal to be used as a healthy accompaniment to your dishes and recipes.

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What is Start Snacker?

The new snack designed by feeling ok, It has been made with the best selection of ingredients with the aim of taking care of your health and offering alternatives to conventional snacks. With extra virgin olive oil and sesame or paprika, the delicious Feeling Ok toasts have been made, high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Along with cheese, cold meats, hummus or on its own, Star Snacker is the ideal complement or accompaniment. They have an incredible very crunchy texture and an excellent flavor.

Start Snacker belongs to the Start line: it has been created in order to boost your metabolism and reduce total carbohydrate intake.Start Snacker like all the products in it, it has a low glycemic load, as a result, the insulin spike that is generated is much lower.

What are the properties of Start Snacker?

Start Snacker It is the new way to enjoy traditional toasts, flavored with sesame or paprika, in a way that meets your daily objectives and goals.

Start Snacker, the new Feeling Ok toasts, have been created with a selection of ingredients, in order to improve their nutritional composition and the quality of the ingredients. Unlike conventional toasts, they are made from different types of flour, which are sources of carbohydrates and full of fat.

One of the characteristics that characterizes Start Snacker is his protein content, since it provides 13 grams of protein for each serving of this delicious snack.

The protein source is complete thanks to the combination of various sources, which as a result provides a complete aminogram. They are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.To obtain the different flavors, natural spices and seeds such as sesame have been added.

Start Snacker is an excellent source of fiber: it provides more than 18 grams of fiber per serving. Increases its satiety power and improves intestinal transit.

How to take Start Snacker?

Start Snacker is the new way to enjoy healthy toast that will help you achieve your goals. Start Snacker is ideal to take as a side dish or on its own. You can choose between its two flavors: sesame or paprika.

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