High Protein Cheese 350g

High Protein Cheese 350g


EatLean Protein Cheese is a protein cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk

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What is Eatlean High Protein Cheese 350G?

Protein cheese from eatlean, ideal to enjoy at any time of the day, for people who want to take care of themselves due to its low fat content.

EatLean Protein Cheese is the cheddar-type cheese with a high protein content (37g per 100g) and low fat, made with natural ingredients. It fits perfectly in sports nutrition plans that require a high protein intake and a reduced consumption of sugars and saturated fats.

How to use Eatlean High Protein Cheese 350G?

EatLean Protein Cheese It can be included at breakfast or in the afternoon snack, covering toast, for example, with a little honey, maple syrup or jam, or ideal for including it in salads, crowning creams of vegetables or legumes, making sauces and even a rich cake Protein Cheese from EatLean is of great protein value essential to have a balanced diet, having a product that provides a high value in protein such as Protein Cheese from EatLean, and with a content of zero carbohydrates and low in fat without compromising its delicious flavor, it is ideal for those cheese lovers who do not want to get out of the diet.

EatLean Protein Cheese it's the cheese that hits that combination of very high protein and very low fat, as well as being versatile to use and great tasting. Even better, just like any cheddar cheese, EatLean's Protein Cheese has zero carbs so you don't have to worry about your sugar intake either. EatLean offers a consumer solution for those who do not want to give up cheese, pleasure and health come together in this product recommended for a healthy lifestyle and diets for athletes and non-athletes.At Eatlean we are big fans of protein as part of a healthy lifestyle. We believe in bringing you all natural ingredient foods that are high in protein, low in fat and great on taste.

EatLean Protein Cheese you can grate and melt it to accompany your healthy snacks, you can use it to accompany your hamburgers and fitness meals. In itself, this cheese is ideal if you want to lead a fitness lifestyle. This healthy food is perfect for you. What are you waiting for? prove it now!

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