High Protein Grated Cheese 180g

High Protein Grated Cheese 180g


Eatlean It is a grated cheese that is high in protein and low in fat. The Shredded Eatlean cheese It stands out for maintaining all the flavor, while providing a reduced amount of calories.

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What is Eatlean High Protein Shredded Cheese 180?

It is an ideal cheese recommended for fitness diets, fat loss or muscle mass gain.

It has a delicious flavor that is obtained thanks to its elaboration by hand in a traditional way by expert cheesemakers in England. The main ingredient in Eatlean is pasteurized cow's milk.

It is suitable for all types of diets and makes it easier to maintain healthy habits and achieve a greater intake of proteins of high biological value.

You can continue enjoying all the flavor of your favorite cheese, benefiting from its properties and nutritional values ​​thanks to Eatlean. He is the winner of 2019 gold trophy 'for best low-fat cheese'

Each package contains 180 grams of grated cheese.


  • They have a high content of proteins, one of the characteristics by which it differs from any other conventional cheese.
  • They are low in fat and carbohydrates
  • It is made from unprocessed cow's milk.
  • Does not contain dyes, preservatives or flavorings
  • Have 37 grams of protein per 100gr.
  • They have very low lactose content.
  • It is suitable for people with a certain degree of tolerance.
  • Its grated format makes it convenient and easy to use, ready to add to your favorite recipes and dishes.

How to use

You can combine and prepare it with your favorite recipes, being grated it is easy to combine in: sandwiches, toast, chicken, on pasta, in salads or even tortillas.

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