Life Pro Endurance Stop Cramps 60ml

Life Pro Endurance Stop Cramps 60ml


Life Pro Endurance Stop Cramps 60ML This product contains water, white vinegar, salt, dill essential oil, potassium, vitamin C, zinc and vitamin E.

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What is it for?

Exercise-associated cramps are involuntary, painful contractions that occur during or shortly after physical exercise.. Usually, these manifest themselves in those muscle groups involved in sports activity and on many occasions force them to stop completely. The appearance of a cramp can completely stop the activity that an athlete is performing due to a partial or total inability to continue generating normal muscle contractions.

The hypotheses about why cramps appear are multiple, from nutritional deficiencies, loss of water and hydration, environmental factors such as heat and explanations related to the nervous system. On the other hand, due to the difficulty in identifying the specific mechanisms in the prevention of cramps, part of the research has focused its efforts on treating them at the time they occur.

In this sense, the incorporation of drinks in shot format, that is, the inclusion of small amounts of fluids that meet a high acidity level (low pH), such as the vinegary broths of pickle juice they can be of great help. These preparations have high levels of acetic acid, which is speculated to it can interact with some receptors of the nervous system in charge of producing the sensation of rigidity on the muscular fibres.

On the other hand, the shot format in which citrus flavors are mixed with vinegar flavors can be more powerful than pickle broth in isolation. In this sense, the use of These shots make it easier to transport and use in different sports modalities. such as team sports, cycling or running sports.


  • Reduces the feeling of stiffness caused by cramps.
  • Reduces discomfort and pain caused by cramps.
  • Reduces the painful symptoms of cramp.
  • Helps to resume sports activity after suffering a cramp immediately.

Possible interactions:

If you are using any pharmacological treatment, consult your health professional. Especially if you are diabetic or use drugs that lower potassium levels, as continued use of the shots could increase the acute effect of the treatment.

What dose to consume?

Consume a shot between the immediate period in which the cramp occurs and a minute and a half after its onset. It is convenient to have the shots in a place close to the sports practice or take it with the sports equipment, in order to make an acute use of it.

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