Life Pro Evening Primrose Oil 30 Caps

Life Pro Evening Primrose Oil 30 Caps


Life Pro Evening Primrose Oil is a food supplement that provides a very valuable contribution of linoleic acid, an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid that regulates cholesterol and reduces both premenstrual pain and menopausal pain.

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Composition of Life Pro Evening Primrose Oil

This product is composed of evening primrose oil.

What is it for?

There are certain compounds that our body needs to function properly but unable to produce on its own. They are usually called 'essential', and Life Pro Evening Primrose Oil is a source of one of them. Its about linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid of the polyunsaturated type, that is, a healthy fat. It also contains gamma Linoleic Acid, which belongs to the same category, but in a much lower quantity.

East life pro evening primrose oil It has a number of properties that can help you with some problems. Perhaps the best known benefit has to do with the ability to regulate cholesterol levels, facilitating its maintenance at healthy levels. But it is not his only quality.

Life Pro Evening Primrose Oil It is an ideal product for women who suffer from aches and pains in premenstrual periods, as it can help combat them. The same goes for the ailments of menopause.

This food supplement acts as vasodilator, thus contributing their grain of sand to reduce high blood pressure. However, this feature could be incompatible with some drugs, so it is It is essential to consult a doctor about its use.

Benefits of Life Pro Evening Primrose Oil

  • Provides linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid.
  • Regulates cholesterol levels.
  • It is vasodilator.
  • Reduces high blood pressure.
  • Reduces premenstrual and menopausal pain.

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