Life Pro Fit Food Neutral Oatmeal 1kg

Life Pro Fit Food Neutral Oatmeal 1kg


Neutral Oatmeal from Life Pro is a delicious and nutritious organic oatmeal with a neutral flavor, ideal to incorporate into all your recipes, sweet or savory, and obtain one of the best sources of energy.

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Life Pro Oatmeal is the perfect breakfast or snack. It provides energy and vitality for your workouts and to endure the day to day.

Oatmeal Neutral Life Pro Fit-Food It is rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It also provides large amounts of fiber that help reduce blood cholesterol, improve digestion and help metabolism.

Oatmeal is, as its name indicates, a type of flour that is produced by grinding the grains of natural oats, and that stands out for its versatility when it comes to being consumed, as well as for its high fiber content.

In the world of fitness and sports, oatmeal has become very popular thanks to its nutritional values, the amount of avocados it allows to prepare and its flavor, which combines with all kinds of food.

It is becoming a more widely used product due to its flavour, properties, high fiber and mineral content. It is ideal for your breakfasts, snacks, snacks or desserts.

Life Pro Fit Food Neutral Flavored Oatmeal It is a premium quality oatmeal obtained from organic farming and with delicious flavors with which you can enjoy delicious and nutritious shakes, pancakes, cookies, and all kinds of foods that your imagination is capable of encompassing.

Each bag of Life Pro Oatmeal contains 1 kilogram.


  • Oatmeal is a great source of energy that will allow us to do all our daily activities as well as the most demanding workouts.
  • Its neutral flavor facilitates its consumption.You can add it to all kinds of recipes, both sweet and savory, and get the flavor you want.
  • Being a flour, and not whole oat flakes, you can add it to your shakes in a way that facilitates its intake and digestion and turns out to be a good option to vary the sources from which we obtain them in our diet.
  • It is a cereal rich in antioxidants.
  • Contains Avenanthramides: an exclusive component of this cereal. They are polyphenols that belong exclusively to oats and are beneficial for improving the cardiovascular system.
  • Contains oatmeal: It can improve insomnia and nervousness as it has sedative effects on the nervous system. They also combat cell oxidation, have a regulating effect on blood pressure and anti-inflammatory.
  • It has a lot of Soluble fiber: It provides a feeling of satiety, which is why it is so widely used in breakfasts by people who seek to be satisfied, as well as those who have the objective of losing fat. It also has insoluble fiber, prevents constipation.
  • It contains a type of soluble fiber called beta-glucan, which is characterized by having a prebiotic effect in the intestine, feeding the bacteria responsible for maintaining a healthy microbiota, and favoring its maintenance and growth.
  • Helps reduce cholesterol LDL.
  • It is a cereal that provides higher amounts of vitamins and minerals compared to other cereals.
  • Helps recharge glycogen stores before workouts, as well as after, promoting recovery.
  • Reduces fatigue and strengthens the immune system.


Power source

Oatmeal is a carbohydrate, one of the main macronutrients from which the body is able to obtain energy.

It is a type of complex carbohydrate or high glycemic index: due to a more complex molecular structure, the body takes longer to obtain energy, they provide a higher rate of satiety. Its glycemic index is 40.

Provide energy to our body, immediately, as well as act as a reserve for when energy is needed

Its storage as muscle glycogen to obtain energy is used by the muscle, while liver glycogen is transformed into glucose, passes into the blood and goes to the muscle to be used.


Oatmeal is one of the cereals with the highest protein content. In addition, these are characterized by the fact that they contain 6 of the 9 essential amino acids that our body cannot produce by itself. Like the rest of vegetable proteins, they are not considered to have a high biological value since they lack certain amino acids, which is why it is recommended to supplement with another protein source.

The type of protein found in the greatest quantity are prolamins.

Its fiber content.

Oatmeal is a cereal that combines the two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble fiber.

The soluble one is responsible for providing the feeling of satiety, which is why it is so widely used in breakfasts by people who seek to satisfy themselves, as well as those who have the objective of losing fat. It helps regulate the blood sugar level and reduces the possibility of diabetes.

The insoluble helps prevent constipation and improves intestinal transit.

It is a great source of different vitamins.

Vitamin B1: 0.55mg

Its main function is to contribute to carbohydrate metabolism and it plays an essential role in the nervous system since it is involved in the synthesis of acetylcholine.

Its lack can cause insomnia and fatigue. It also participates in functions at the mitochondrial level and processes for obtaining cellular energy.

Vitamin B6: 0.94mg

It acts as a coenzyme in the metabolism of amino acids.

It is essential for the proper functioning of enzymes, influences brain development during pregnancy and childhood, and helps keep the immune system in optimal condition.

Vitamin AND: 1.2mg

It is a powerful antioxidant found in high concentrations in the blood. It also intervenes as a stabilizer of cell membranes, platelet aggregation and protection against hemolysis.

Niacin: 1mg

The functions in which it participates are: numerous metabolic actions, glycolysis, Krebs cycle, amino acid deamination. It is a vitamin that helps reduce high cholesterol.

Vitamin K: intervenes in blood coagulation: prevents bleeding

Mineral source:

    • Iron: contributes to cognitive function and correct energy metabolism, to the formation of hemoglobin and red blood cells. Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • Iodine: intervenes in the synthesis and production of hormones in the thyroid and regulates metabolism
    • Magnesium: contributes to lower blood pressure, improves performance, prevents fatigue and improves calcium absorption in the bones
  • Calcium: It helps maintain the state of the bones in optimal conditions and prevents osteoporosis and muscle cramps in athletes.
    • Potassium: Helps regulate blood pressure levels.
  • Match: they intervene in the correct formation of bones and teeth and in the metabolism of macronutrients.


The Oatmeal Life Pro It is ideal for all those who want a source of carbohydrates that provide satiety and that stands out for its versatility when combined with other types of food.

It is recommended for:

  • People who want to improve their habits and seek a healthy lifestyle.
  • Those people who aim to gain muscle mass, as well as lose fat.
  • People who want to improve their intestinal transit.
  • People who want to improve their cholesterol levels


The Life Pro Neutral Oatmeal It is suitable for taking at any time of the day when we want a supply of slow-absorbing carbohydrates.

It can be taken for breakfast due to its compatibility with other foods such as fruits, nuts, etc., and how to prepare different recipes, including oatmeal pancakes, biscuits, porridge, cookies, etc. What can we take throughout the day?

Some of the recommended moments in the day can be:

  • Before training:

Since it will ensure a correct loading of glycogen stores. To be able to carry out training effectively, perform correctly and make sure that our muscles have the necessary energy.

It can be an ideal source for all types of sports, both strength and endurance.

It is recommended to take at least two or three hours before, since its digestion is slow and it can cause discomfort if a period of time is not left between consumption and physical activity.

  • after workouts

It can be a It is important to combine them with a source of protein to enhance the recovery, construction and maintenance of muscle tissue.

  • Eat oatmeal at night: It is a totally false myth that taking carbohydrates at night will make us gain fat.

The oatmeal will help replenish glycogen stores and provide the energy we need throughout the day for vital functions and physical activity.


The oatmeal is a source of carbohydrates., There is no exact amount of carbohydrates that should be consumed exactly since that each person is different, has a different metabolism and the amount you may need of this macronutrient is individual to each person. Between 40% and 60% of the daily intake can belong to this macronutrient.

Also, it is important to consider your goals, fitness level, and the degree and intensity of physical activity you perform.

We can calculate it based on our body weight. Depending on our goals, the amount can vary between 4 to 8 grams per kilogram of weight.


The amounts of gluten that oats have are practically nil.

Gluten refers to two proteins found primarily in the wheat, barley and rye.

Oats belong to a different species called Aveneae so its content is much smaller. Life Pro Neutral Oatmeal has been processed in facilities where gluten-containing products are produced. May contain traces.

Prolamins account for only 5-15% of the total, compared to 80% in wheat, and 30-50% in rye and barley.

When we refer to uncontaminated oatmeal, we speak of one that does not contain traces of other cereals, and therefore gluten. This cross-contamination is difficult to avoid since they are usually processed in the same facilities.

Legally, a gluten-free product is considered one that contains less than 20 ppm.

Life Pro Neutral Oatmeal has been processed in facilities where gluten-containing products are produced. May contain traces.

In conclusion, whether or not to consume oats if you are intolerant to gluten will depend on each case depending on tolerance.

It is recommended to consult a health or nutrition professional in case of doubt.


Oatmeal does not usually cause bloating or stomach discomfort in healthy people who do not have any type of allergy or intolerance to this cereal.

If the person is not used to eating whole grains, some swelling may occur associated with a change in diet by increasing the fiber intake, accompanied by cramps or flatulence.

To avoid these symptoms, you can start consume the product in small doses and increase it over time, that is, gradually until the desired dose is reached.

Thus, bacterial flora intestinal will begin to assimilate and achieve a balance, which, as a result, will feel good.

Another way to improve your digestion is to soak the oats to denature the difficult-to-digest proteins to a certain extent and associate it with the intake of products with digestive enzymes.


The neutral oatmeal It is ideal to combine with all kinds of recipes, both sweet and savory.

You can add it along with the Protein shake, in masses of pancakes, biscuits, porridge as a substitute for the conventionally used white flour, or together with fruit, nut creams, whole nuts, etc.

It is also a correct option with smoothie cheese, yogurt or milk.

Add amount to taste.

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