Life Pro Metal Water Bottle 750ml

Life Pro Metal Water Bottle 750ml


Steel Bottle It is the ideal accessory to facilitate hydration by drinking water, or liquids of your choice. Extremely light weight and large 750ml capacity.

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The materials that make up the product are of high quality. It has been manufactured in ultra light aluminum. Thanks to this, it resists all kinds of bumps, falls, scratches and other external threats.

Maintains the temperature of liquids, both hot and cold. To avoid any possible loss of liquid, the Steel bottle has a screw cap and a safety rubber.

Steel Bottle It has been designed with a shade of electric blue, and the Life Pro logo in white. In order to improve its transport and grip, a carabiner safety on the cap. In addition, it allows you to place your keys or accessories that have a hook.


  • Made of ultralight aluminium.
  • Large capacity: 750ml.
  • With screw cap.
  • Carabiner of security
  • Maintains the temperature of the liquid poured.

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