Life Pro Sports Tights Fantasia 6 (42)

Life Pro Sports Tights Fantasia 6 (42)


LIFE PRO FANTASY 6 SPORTS LEGGINGS. The LIFE PRO FANTASÍA 6 model tights with a youthful design with a white background and dark and light blue waves. It will be difficult for you to know which LIFE SPORTSWEAR tights to choose.

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LIFE PRO FANTASY SPORTS TIGHTS 6 specially designed for the practice of fitness and bodybuilding.

LIFE PRO SPORTS TIGHTS FANTASY 6, tights for active women that adapt perfectly to the practice of fitness, training, running, etc… also, thanks to their colors and designs, you can wear them in any situation.
They are white tights with a drawing of dark and light blue waves that give it a dynamic and youthful touch.

Be comfortable with yourself!

LIFE PRO FANTASIA 6 model tights They are designed to enhance the buttocks area. In addition, its cut stylizes the figure of the woman and thanks to its compression sash they make a flat and wide waist, leaving the lumbar area and the adomen fixed.

thanks to its comfort due to its elastic fabric, a mixture of suplex elastic fibers and spandex that will allow you to perform any exercise without offering resistance and with minimal wear and maximum durability. The LIFE PRO SPORTSWEAR tights will be your ideal companions in your aerobics, running, toning, muscle strengthening activities.

LIFE PRO FANTASIA 5 SPORTS TIGHTS. style, quality and well-being

The sports tights LIFE PRO NUTRITION they are available in several sizes (and models) so you will not have problems getting yours.

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