Life Pro Titan 3kg

Life Pro Titan 3kg


Life Pro Titan 3KG is the new format of the most powerful and effective gainer on the market. A mixture of proteins, carbohydrates and glutamine that will help you increase your muscle mass.

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Composition of Life Pro Titan 3KG

This product is made up of a mixture of proteins, carbohydrates and L-glutamine.

What is it for?

Life Pro Titan 3KG is one of those supplements that show that the sports nutrition industry has reached a very high level of development. It is a product in which they have achieved combine a series of compounds that, until a few years ago, had to be taken separately, to result in a supplement with very powerful properties.

It belongs to the category of those known as 'gainers', whose main objective is to facilitate the volume growth through a increase of the lean muscle mass. This requires a very high nutrient intake, something that can be very difficult to do by going only to food itself.

Life Pro Titan 3KG comes to make this task as easy as possible. Count with one caloric value very high, but what really stands out are the compounds used to achieve it, since each of them fulfills a very valuable function when it comes to making your muscles grow.

Obviously, the proteins They have a leading role, since it is the most important macronutrient for the muscular system. Thanks to them it is possible stop catabolism, an organic process that can lead to the destruction of muscle fibers and, therefore, the reduction of the volume of lean mass. Also, protein is the 'food' for the muscles, so help growth thereof.

The presence of carbohydrates in Life Pro Titan 3KG is very special, since it brings together a series of compounds with different absorption times and varied glycemic indices, such as amylopectin, oatmeal or dextrose. Thus, the energy boost what they contribute will be extended in time and will allow you to train harder.

Life Pro Titan 3KG it protects the muscles, improves performance, facilitates volume growth and, in addition, the presence of L-glutamine makes recovery more effective.

Benefits of Life Pro Titan 3KG

  • Blend of proteins, carbohydrates and L-glutamine.
  • Stops catabolism.
  • It facilitates the anabolic processes of creating new muscle mass.
  • Combine different carbohydrates for a lasting and quality energy boost.
  • Improves performance and recovery.
  • Ideal for bulking diets.

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