Life Pro Towel 100X50Cm Cotton

Life Pro Towel 100X50Cm Cotton


Life Pro Cotton Towel is the perfect accessory to go to the gym. It has the perfect size (100×50 cm.) so that it does not take up too much space, and being made of cotton it offers a very pleasant sensation to the touch.

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Why choose Life Pro Cotton Towel?

The towel It is one of the most important accessories to go to the gym, but it often happens that, by trying to use a towel from the ones you have at home, you end up having space problems in the sports bag or any other inconvenience.

Life Pro Cotton Towel It has a specially designed design so that it is not an obstacle when it comes to training. Their 100x50cm size. It allows you to carry it comfortably in any type of bag or backpack.

Also, Life Pro Cotton Towel is made of cotton, so it is an article with a nice touch.

walk the Life Pro Logo wherever you go, so that everyone who sees you knows how to identify you as a true sports lover who knows which brands to choose to complement their training.

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