Life Pro Vitamin C 500 Mg 90 Capsules

Life Pro Vitamin C 500 Mg 90 Capsules


Life Pro Vitamin C 500mg is a dietary supplement designed based on vitamin C, which provides one of the most important antioxidants for the body.

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Everyone associates vitamin C to products such as orange juice and a series of benefits that improve general well-being, strengthening defenses and combating health problems such as colds, among other things. It is important to maintain adequate intake of vitamin C throughout the year, especially as fall and winter approach.

All these properties are real and fulfill an important function, however, Life Pro Vitamin C 500mg. arrives to show that vitamin C is a compound more versatile than many people think. It provides the ideal amount in a concentrated way to enhance its many benefits within the body.

It provides a valuable extra supply of vitamin C, one of the most important micronutrients for both general well-being and the health of athletes.

Life Pro Vitamin C contains 500mg. of vitamin C in every shot. It is also available in 500mg capsules.

Obviously, the extra contribution of vitamin C What does it offer? Life Pro It is not only aimed at athletes, but since a large part of the brand's clients belong to the world of sports, it is important to talk about the benefits that this product has for physical performance.

Life Pro Vitamin C 500mg. is, above all, one of the natural antioxidants more powerful From the market. Vitamin C combats with great effectiveness the excess of free radicals, a harmful element whose presence increases after a high intensity sports effort. If not removed, it can cause various health problems, all related to oxidative stress and cell oxidation.

Another especially positive benefit for athletes is the increased collagen production, a task in which vitamin C plays a fundamental role.

Thanks to her, Life Pro Vitamin C 500mg. prevents injuries and improves the condition of bones, tendons and muscles. It is an ideal supplement for all those people, adult or older children, who want to improve their defenses, as well as enjoy its many properties.


  • Vitamin C belongs to the group of water soluble vitamins. A characteristic of this group of substances is the ease of their excretion through the urine in case of excessive intake.
  • Most body tissues (plasma, skin, neurons, and glands) store different amounts of vitamin C, with the adrenal glands retaining the highest concentration.
  • Its properties as antioxidants: vitamin C fights against free radicals produced by different factors, such as pollution, tobacco, etc. and tries to prevent cell oxidation.
  • It intervenes in the maintenance of adequate levels of collagen, necessary for the formation and maintenance in optimal conditions of the ligaments, bones and connective tissues.
  • Vitamin C intoxication is considered practically impossible.
  • The metabolism of some nutrients: vitamin C is necessary for metabolize calcium and iron, as well as other vitamins and certain amino acids such as tyrosine.
  • Properties antihistamines: vitamin c can help reduce the symptoms of substances that can cause allergies because it strengthens the immune system.


Vitamin C is also called Ascorbic Acid because one of its main characteristics is that it prevents and cures the disease called scurvy.

In the human being, this vitamin cannot be synthesized within the body by itself, because it does not have the enzyme responsible for carrying out this process, which is why it is said to be an essential vitamin. It has to be ingested through diet or supplementation in adequate doses.

Regarding its metabolism, vitamin C enters the interior of the cells and is distributed throughout a large number of tissues, especially those in which there is a large amount of metabolic activity, such as the adrenal glands, pituitary glands, liver, pancreas, etc. .

The amounts that are not absorbed are expelled from the body through the urine. Cannot be stored. That is why it is important to contribute it constantly.


  • In the collagen formation: Vitamin C intervenes and acts as a cofactor for the synthesis of collagen, which is necessary for proper maintenance of hair, skin, teeth, bones and joints.
  • Improves the state of bones and joints: Vitamin C contributes to maintaining a correct state of the synovial fluid of the joints, as well as promoting a healthy state of the bones and protecting the enamel of the teeth.
  • Improve the immune system: acts as an antioxidant within the body. Fight against free radicals. Helps prevent illnesses and common colds.
  • intervenes in the synthesisof L Carnitine: Vitamin C acts as a cofactor for the production of Carnitine. Carnitine favors the use and transport of fats within the cells so that they can be used as an energy source. It can help fat loss.
  • favors the iron absorption: vitamin C favors the absorption of this mineral of vital importance to prevent diseases such as anemia, in the intestinal tract.
  • Reduces the symptoms caused by anemia thanks to the improvement in the absorption of iron.
  • Reduces cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular diseases: Vitamin C can reduce the content of bad cholesterol by exerting an antioxidant effect on it. Avoid its accumulation. It can also help reduce heart-related diseases.
  • prevent aging: Vitamin C can help slow down the deterioration of all skin cells and other tissues.
  • lowers the levels ofuric acid.
  • It can help treat pain in people with arthritis.
  • Vitamin C can be of vital importance for the correct development of neuronal tissue as well as its protection. Neurons need vitamin C to avoid free radicals and oxidative stress.
  • In the healing of wounds and burns: as vitamin C contributes to the collagen process, it will promote the healing of wounds as well as accelerate their healing.
  • allergies: Vitamin C can help reduce mild symptoms caused by substances that cause allergies.
  • Increases the feeling of energy and vitality: contributes to energy metabolism and will help prevent fatigue.
  • Skin care: It will protect the epidermis from the sun's radiation that can damage it.


LIFE PRO VITAMIN C 500MG 90 CAPS Food supplement based on L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). Has a powerful effect antioxidant and enhancer of the immune system, in addition to intervening in the absorption of various essential nutrients for good health.

Life Pro products have the objective of achieving 100% effectiveness with two non-negotiable conditions: safety for health and trust for the most demanding consumers.

Life Pro products, in this case Life Pro Vitamin C, The production processes used to make this supplement are continuously adapted, adding all the technical innovations that arise.

ingredients, raw materials and technology used they are thoroughly vetted to certify that they are of the highest quality on the market, and the same goes for the manufacturing methods.


Vitamin C can be a great ally for all those athletes who practice intense physical activity on a regular basis on a daily basis.

  • physical exercise generates oxidative stress, that is, the appearance of free radicals.
  • Vitamin C is necessary for lower cortisol levels, and promote a correct and rapid recovery. Avoid overtraining.
  • intervenes in the carnitine synthesis: is a substance that transports fatty acids into cells to be used as a source of energy or fuel.
  • It is necessary to maintain the correct state of the tendons and ligaments, that suffer with the practice of physical exercise from natural wear and tear. It occurs because of its importance for collagen synthesis. It also promotes optimal recovery.
  • Vitamin C is involved with processes of adrenaline synthesis, the one that gives us that feeling of well-being when doing sports.
  • favors the iron absorption: its lack would produce anemia followed by fatigue and overtraining, which will decrease performance.
  • is a powerful antioxidant against the free radicals produced.
  • support the muscle contraction: Vitamin C is necessary for the development of strength since it is involved in the processes of muscle contraction.


It is important to maintain adequate levels of vitamin C during pregnancy. It can help the production of hemoglobin, the development of the baby's brain and relieve nausea.

It is advisable to increase its consumption during the lactation period for the benefit of the baby and the mother.

Consultation with a health professional is recommended.


The dose of vitamin C required by each person is different due to a series of factors such as weight, height, gender, age etc. As well as it will depend on whether it is used to improve the state of health or due to deficiency.

&gt,Several studies have shown that in athletes the minimum adequate amounts should be between 200 and 500 mg per day.

Life Pro puts at your disposal 500mg vitamin C capsules. Its format is also available in 1000mg tablets.


No, an excess or hypervitaminosis of vitamin C cannot occur. This cannot happen because it is a type of water-soluble vitamin.

That is, it cannot be stored within the body, so if you consume amounts greater than those needed, they will be eliminated through the urine.


A deficit of Vitamin C can have numerous negative consequences and impact on health.

The first and for which it receives its name, the appearance of scurvy, which begins with a slight sensation of fatigue since the absence of vitamin C makes it difficult to obtain energy, which can end up getting worse.

If it gets worse, it can cause: spontaneous bleeding due to deterioration of the blood vessels, anemia due to lack of iron absorption, difficult to heal wounds and burns, Due to the importance of vitamin C in relation to the collagen.

One of the worst symptoms of vitamin C deficiency is a weak immune system. This system requires large amounts of vitamin C to fight free radicals, viruses, and infections.


Life Pro vitamin C is recommended for anyone, children, youth, adults, seniors, etc. that they wish improve your immune system, as well as avoid possible deficiencies.An ideal time to take vitamin C is when colder months are approaching, such as autumn and winter, when people are more likely to catch common colds.

It is recommended for everyone those who do not eat a varied diet of fruits, vegetables, and in general, little varied or restrictive diets. People allergic to fruits and vegetables are also advised to supplement with vitamin C.

Women who use contraceptives oral because a decrease in body levels of vitamin C is associated with the use of contraceptives.

people with eating disorders that they may not be eating the food necessary to obtain the required amounts.


Take 1 capsule a day with breakfast along with plenty of water. Exceeding the dose will not enhance the effects of vitamin C within the body, since it will be expelled in the urine.

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