Mol bread. Soft White Kamut Biocop 400g

Mol bread. Soft White Kamut Biocop 400g


Mol bread. Soft Kamut White Biocop 400g is the perfect alternative to traditional sliced ​​bread. With a healthier composition thanks to the kamut wheat variety, its ingredients come from organic farming, so you can take care of the environment while improving your diet.

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Composition of Bread Mol. Soft White Kamut Biocop 400g

This product is composed of khorasan kamut wheat flour* (60%), water, sunflower seed oil* (4%), brewer's yeast, wheat gluten*, salt, rice syrup and malted barley*. Treated with ethyl alcohol*.

*From organic farming.

What is it for?

One of the main objectives of biocop is to set up a catalog wide enough to offer healthy alternatives to virtually any type of food. Mol bread. Soft White Kamut Biocop 400g It is an example that shows that, in effect, they are achieving it.

It's about a bread with superficial characteristics (texture, flavor, etc.) equal to any other, but with a much more beneficial composition. It's made with organic khorasan kamut wheat flour, a factor that ensures that the natural qualities of said ingredient have remained intact.

This variety of wheat has a series of advantage which have led many experts to recommend it over common wheat. His wealth in omega 6 and carbohydrates makes it a tremendously energetic, ideal for athletes. In addition, it contains a significant amount of fiber and is rich in potassium and vitaminAND.

Mol bread. Soft White Kamut Biocop 400g contains sunflower seed oil, also ecological, whose presence gives it a wonderful touch of tenderness. It is long-lasting, so will stay tender for longer.

Thanks to the firm convictions of biocop, products like this are made with ingredients sourced from organic farming, a type of production that should be established in all companies to avoid brutal mistreatment of the environment. With Mol bread. Soft White Kamut Biocop 400g you will be contributing to the fight against climate change.

Benefits of Bread Mol. Soft White Kamut Biocop 400g

  • Sliced ​​bread with organic kamut wheat.
  • With sunflower seed oil that keeps it always tender.
  • Healthy composition.
  • Long preservation.
  • Responsible consumption product.

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