Monster Energy Rehab Lemon 500ml

Monster Energy Rehab Lemon 500ml


Monster Energy Rehab It is an energy drink without gas or added sugars and with a fantastic flavor of lemonade and tea, ideal to provide extra energy on a daily basis or for training.

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What is Monster Energy Rehab:

the energy drink Monster Energy Rehab of monster Energy stands out for its combination of a high dose of energy, its delicious taste of lemonade Y tea, and its low-calorie result.

The New formula of Monster Energy Rehab It has the same classic components as energy drinks, but without sugar and with slightly less caffeine than a normal Monster Energy (160mg). In addition, the gas is removed and a drink based on black tea and lemonade with citrus aromas is added as a base.


The result is a drink with a high energy content but that remains healthy and suitable for a healthy and balanced diet.

Monster Energy Rehab It has a combination of stimulating ingredients that will improve our vitality, such as taurine, panax ginseng, l-carnitine, glucuronolactone, inositol, guarana and maltodextrin.

How to take it:

Rehab: Re-Fresca, Re-Hydrate and Re-Live, the three objectives that this Monster Energy drink fulfills. Quenches thirst, hydrates and activates with extra energy. This combination, together with its healthier character and the absence of gas, make it a great option for athletes before and during training.


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